* 4 styles* Cat Kitten Breakaway Bow Tie Collars with bell

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🐈 Fully adjustable cat bow tie collars with breakaway safety clasps, so no more getting stuck in trees or choking. 🐈‍⬛

Collars also feature a bell, because none of us want to find ‘gifts’ of dead birds on our doorsteps… 😱

Bow tie can be removed, as can the bell if needed.

They are adjustable to fit kittens up to full grown cats. 17-28cm.

4 designs to choose from :


Burger and Fries 🍟


Doughnuts 🍩

You can see our boss in the last photo, modeling the burger and fries collar. Lucius is a 5 year old Bengal and is GIGANTIC, this collar adjusts nicely to fit over his girthy neck no problem (also fits regular non monster sized cats 😆)